What really is the Spirit of Christmas?

In 2019, Christmas really is more commercial than ever. For over three months, we’re being sold to from every angle. In the UK in December 2018, we collectively spent just under £446,000 EVERY MINUTE of every day, on Christmas presents alone. That doesn’t include the new ball-balls, matching PJs or gingerbread house – purely presents – £19,909,440,000 spent on presents in the UK in December. Mind-blowing.

I feels like we are slowly distancing ourselves from the true meaning of Christmas, the Christmas cheer, helping others, spending time with the family. But not all is doom and gloom. For us, Christmas is fantastic (even if a little hectic at times!). We light the fires, play festive music, pour the mulled wine, and enjoy many an evening watching friends and families soak up each-others company. And now, we also want to put in the extra effort into giving back, both to the community and the environment. 

There has been a big push to stop using crackers in the media this year, as it is estimated that over 150 million pieces of plastic could end up in the ocean from UK cracker use this year alone, which is frankly terrifying. But why should we have to give up a tradition of over 150 years – we just need to adapt.

This year, each Christmas party booking will be festively laid up with our beautiful Spirit of Christmas crackers. 100% plastic free, and recyclable, leaving no trace. Not only this, but 9% of every box we buy (and we buy a lot!) goes to the charity Shelter, providing vital support for thousands of families who need to get back on their feet.

Now that really is the spirit of Christmas.

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